Are Your Friends Undermining Your Recovery? 6 Things To Do!

Fill the inside and the outside will glow...

Fill the inside and the outside will glow…

So you’ve been working hard for 3 months, 6, a year and your eating disorder is quiet. You’re doing well! At the same time your friends are struggling with their own issues, eating disorder, anxiety, depression, body image issues. And to make it worst, all they want to do is talk about it! They are probably not in their best selves right now. Spiraling and talking more than trying to center themselves and work on their recovery.

Unfortunately, you’re getting triggered! You’ve worked so hard on your own recovery and you’re in a good place right now. You fear you may slip back if you hang out with these friends. You feel conflicted because you want to reciprocate their support but you just can’t without risking your own recovery.

Sometimes we have to make tough choices. The great part however, is that we get to choose.

Read on to learn 6 things you can do if you find yourself in this triggering situation>>>

For more on triggering read>>>

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Do You Want To Be A Mindful Eater? 2 Things To Try!

Mindful Eating!

Mindful Eating!

Mindfulness keeps you in the present moment. There is such a thing as “Mindful Eating”.

However, many of us run around stuffing all kinds of foods into our mouths unconsciously!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to work with¬†your feelings and thoughts and choose what you put into your body?

Wouldn’t it make you feel more centered and in control. I bet it would generalize over to other aspects of your life in a positive way!

Read on for the name of a book that teaches Mindful Eating!!>>>

Read 8 Steps for Mindful Eating by Harvard Medical

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Everyone Breathes Right? But Do You Breathe The Correct Way? 3 Reasons To Learn How!

musical-background_zkCXTjOu_SDo you ever catch yourself holding your breath?

Sometimes when we’re tense, we hold our bodies tight and our breath in. Breathing into our feelings can relieve the tension and do other important things for your body and mind.

However, that’s only if your breathing correctly. Otherwise you may be making things worse.

Breathing correctly has several benefits. Read on to learn what they are and learn how to breathe correctly!

It makes a difference!

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Eating Disorder Health Insurance Makes In-Patient Treatment A Farce! 1 Thing You Can Do…

Treatment for eating disorders, parents, eating disorder books

Don’t Isolate, Get Help! You have nothing to be ashamed of!!!!

What’s the point of going into an in-patient eating disorder program if they’re going to throw you out when your health insurance runs out?

Maybe there is no point and that’s the point. Don’t waste your money and time.

Read one young woman’s story>>>

1 Thing you can do…..Read….

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I’m Sure You’ve Heard of Disordered Eating? 4 Kinds! Why & What You Can Do!

embodyDisordered Eating is a “newer” buzz word, derived from eating disorders but reflects a less serious struggle with eating and food.

It means that your eating is out of balance and you are either over or under eating in a some disordered way.

To Learn 4 Types of Disordered Eating and How To Make Positive Changes Visit>>>

To read more about disordered eating visit>>>

Support is only a phone-call-away… 626.335.0903

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Group Therapy is Great! 6 Groups!

Join a women's support group

We’re waiting for YOU!

If you are looking for a group that I’m not running at this time, try

  1. Singles

2. Womens

3. Parenting

4. Grief

5. Divorce

6. Eating Disorder & Body Image Group

For more about my groups and practice visit>>>

For more benefits of group therapy>>>


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How Do You Start Your Day! 7 Things To Do To Make It a Good Day!!

Counseling for eating disorders, compulsive over-eatingHow do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Do you feel anxious? Tension in your body. Exhaustion, depression,,,

There are ways to make your day start off in a better way. Things you can do daily that will over time create a change in your mood and behaviors.

To learn how- read>>>

Get Head Space App and use it to learn how to meditate. It’s a great app!

Get it here>>>

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