Group Therapy is Great! 6 Groups!

Join a women's support group

We’re waiting for YOU!

If you are looking for a group that I’m not running at this time, try

  1. Singles

2. Womens

3. Parenting

4. Grief

5. Divorce

6. Eating Disorder & Body Image Group

For more about my groups and practice visit>>>

For more benefits of group therapy>>>


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How Do You Start Your Day! 7 Things To Do To Make It a Good Day!!

Counseling for eating disorders, compulsive over-eatingHow do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Do you feel anxious? Tension in your body. Exhaustion, depression,,,

There are ways to make your day start off in a better way. Things you can do daily that will over time create a change in your mood and behaviors.

To learn how- read>>>

Get Head Space App and use it to learn how to meditate. It’s a great app!

Get it here>>>

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How Do You Change A Negative Behavior That Has Become Habitual? 6 Ways!

yoga #5Often a behavior starts out pleasurable but after a period of time it can become habitual with some nasty side effects. Often admitting that to oneself is the first step to stopping the behavior.

How do I stop you ask?

There are ways if you are really ready…

To learn how you can change a habit

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Read Your Way to Recovery!

Learn more about eating disorders and body image.

Learn more about eating disorders and body image.

Can’t afford a therapist?

Not ready to reach out for help?

In therapy for your eating disorder?

Solution! Read a book at home!

Books written on disordered eating can be very helpful in introducing new ideas including exercises for growth and insight.

If you’re already in therapy reading can speed up your recovery!

Read more for the names of 3 books that may be helpful>>>

For more books on disordered eating, shame, fear, critical thinking and more>>>

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Was Halloween Hard With All the Candy? 6 Tips for Getting Through Thanksgiving When You Have an Eating Disorder!!

Was Thanksgiving hard for you because of that rotten eating disorder?

Too bad…

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a party without worrying about food?

There are things you can do to prepare and improve your chance of having a successful outcome.

Once you have your plan in place, you can then focus on enjoying the festivities and the people.

For more on preparing for the next holiday visit>>

*Remember to keep up with your therapy sessions throughout the holiday season for support!

To read more about holidays and eating disorders>>>

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Who Joins Group Therapy? 18 People!

Join a women's support group

We’re waiting for YOU!

People participate in group therapy for a variety of reasons?

What’s your reason for considering it and who are you?

Who Joins Group Therapy?

  1. Men
  2. Women
  3. Children
  4. Teens
  5. Young Adults
  6. Engaged Couples
  7. Divorced People
  8. Grieving People
  9. Singles
  10. Parents
  11. Couples
  12. Anxiety Sufferers
  13. Depressed People
  14. Eating Disorder Men/Women
  15. Families
  16. Professionals
  17. Veterans
  18. Married people and more…                  Where do you fit in?

Learn more about group therapy and counseling>>>

Why A Grief Group Works>>>

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Join Group Therapy If You Need a Safe Place to Share Your 8 Truths!

Women's Eating Group Glendora, CAGroup Therapy is safe and confidential.

Share About:

  1. Your mother-in-law
  2. Your sister or brother
  3. Your boss
  4. Your girlfriend/guy friend
  5. Your child
  6. You’re spouse
  7. Yourself
  8. Your teacher

*Studies show that simply talking about something can improve your situation.

Gain support and validation for your feelings in group therapy!

Call 626-664-5924

Ilissa Banhazl, MFT, Group Facilitator

Visit my website and learn more now>>>


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