Why Is Physical Attractiveness So Important to Us? 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Body Image

Concerns about physical attractiveness are not new. Every period of history had standards of beauty. But, different advancements in technology, particularly the mass media causes normal concerns that lead to obsessions about how we look.

So much about what you think reflects on how you feel abut your body image.

What to do:

  1. Make a list of the things you like about your physical appearance. You may prefer to draw.
  2. Accept that you’re working with what you’ve got. Start telling yourself, “I’m good enough”. One day you’ll believe it.

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Is This You? Is It Time To Consider Therapy for Your Eating Disorder?

blog image change girl anna taylor FBThere are several common behaviors exhibited by a person who is struggling alone with an eating disorder and would most definitely benefit from eating disorder therapy.

1. Are you hiding your eating behaviors?

2. Are you isolating yourself feeling anxious and or depressed?

3. You can’t stop your disordered eating behaviors.


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Individual Counseling for Males, Females, Children, Teens & Young Adults- 2 Things to Talk About…

Tell me your story...

Tell me your story…

Do you ever think that if you just had someone to tell things to you might feel a lot better, more validated, less crazy & confused?

1. I’m talking about thoughts and feelings from your internal life; intimate thoughts that hold great meaning for you. Perhaps ones you’ve never shared with anyone before. 2. In therapy we untangle the story so that it makes sense and our thoughts are less distorted and more realistic. Together we figure out a plan to make things work better for you.

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Read about the Value of Therapy 

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6 Ways Reading a Self-Help Book About Disordered Eating Can Speed Up Your Recovery

books bibliotherapyWhen you read a book designed to help you understand and treat your eating disorder, you are speeding up your recovery.

In between counseling sessions, I always suggest to people who like to read, that they read or use the workbook suggested that deals with their particular eating disorder.

I suggest you highlight any material that you relate to and bring that with you to session. Reflecting at home enhances your therapy sessions.

Here are 4 things you can expect to find in an eating disorder book:

1. Information and definition of a particular eating disorder; anorexia, bulimia, over-eating, binge and purge, etc.

2. Causes for your eating disorder

3. Understanding the mind-set of an eating disordered person


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3 Simple Ways To Make a Change In Your Life!

blog image change girl anna taylor FBSometimes we have to take action even if we don’t feel quite comfortable with a new behavior. If you wait for it to feel right or ready the time may ever come.

But, if you push yourself to do things that seem difficult or awkward; you will notice positive change and growth. The newness will start to feel normal.

You’ll feel pride knowing that you took a small risk and you’ll feel elated knowing you’re being somewhat different. You will be moving toward who you want to be, the best version of you.

Don’t worry what others may think and don’t focus on obstacles. Tell yourself; I can be anyone I want to be. All I have to do is take small baby steps in the right direction.

3 Ways to Make a Change,


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Let Go Of Fear Before It’s Too Late!

Every day you can worry about what might happen or ruminate about was has already happened. Or, you can choose to learn from your experiences and live “mindfully” in the present.

To learn how to live “mindfully” visit>>>

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5 Different Orientations in Counseling. Which One is Best for You?

Tell me your story...

Tell me your story…

Every therapist you will work with will have their own orientation in working with families to improve their relationships and personal selves.

My personal orientation includes:

1. Psychodynamic Theory because I feel it is important to understand the history of the person and how it affects the person today.

2. I also believe in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to understand the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of a person.

3. Existentialism looks for meaning and purpose in life, which I believe, contributes to better mental health.

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