7 Important Elements In Eating Disorder Therapy and Recovery

embody7 Important Elements in Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery

1. Non-judemental

2. Safe

3. Allows the person to move at their own pace


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Help for Those Who Struggle With an Eating Disorder and Do Not Have Any Funding for Treatment

treatment for eating disordersUntil recently, people had very limited options, if they could not afford to pay for treatment. There was not a solution to this problem until now!

There is an organization called “FED”- Fight Eating Disorders.

It is an independent, national, humanitarian organization that provides professional services to those who are suffering from eating disorders. Read More >>


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Have You Heard Of EMDR or Tapping? 2 Big Reasons To Find Out! Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

yoga #5EMDR and Tapping are techniques used for reducing anxiety, depression, processing trauma and a host of other conditions. EMDR uses eye tacking whereas Tapping uses physical touch.

For our purposes I will discuss “Tapping”. EMDR is directed more towards trauma.

1. Tapping is a physical way to integrate the mind and body by focusing on positive memories and adding physical touch. You actually tap yourself! Right, left, 12 times….

2. By doing this you strengthen your positive thoughts which then effects your entire being!

To learn more about Tapping read: Tapping In: A Step-by-Step to Activate Your Healing Resources Through Bi-Lateral Stimulation by Laurel Parnell, PHD. (Amazon)

This book will give you a good understanding of the concepts underlying Tapping and will talk you through various exercises using positive thinking and Tapping. I suggest you read the book and find a therapist who specializes in Tapping and get started right away. What have you got to lose? You can only feel better!

Like anything else you have to stop rushing around and put these exercise into practice. I guess it depends on how much you want to feel better… : )

To read more about anxiety>>>

Watch a video demonstrating Tapping

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The 4 Most Important Things You Can Do When You’re Stuck In Your Eating Disorder!

>Eating Disorders ExplainedSo, you’ve been trying and trying and trying and yet your eating disorder wins out every time.

Try these 4 things:

1. Tell a friend or family member you need help.

2. See a therapist, a doctor, psychiatrist, and/or join an ED Group.

Continue Reading Here>>>

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Are You Focusing On The Present Moment Or Are You All Up In Your Head? 1 Big Secret!

washing upDo you even know? Step one is awareness. Catch yourself…

Don’t try to solve the world’s problems or figure out your own. Sure, set time aside to think about these things but be sure to challenge irrational thoughts.

Here’s the big secret!



Link: Read more on emotional mind training, Happify…

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A Great Read For Anyone Struggling With Body Image Issues- 3 Facts About the Book





A new book released at http://www.bulimia.com and/or wwww.gurzebook.com

A great read for anyone struggling with body image issues, as most of us are…


3 Facts About the Book:

  1. Learn to be aware of and challenge the critical voice in your head.

Click here to Read More About This Book  

To purchase this book visit:  http://www.gurzebooks.com/books/embody.html




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10 Things You Can Do To Feel Better. Guaranteed, Only If You Do Them!

Counseling for eating disorders, compulsive over-eating

Get Up & Get Out!

10 Things to Help You Feel Better

But you must do something every day or it won’t work.

1. Learn to meditate every day (meditation is individual, there are no rules)

2. Exercise (not overly). Yoga and walking are excellent especially for anxiety and depression. Start slow.

3. Eat for nutrition and pleasure within moderation and not to cope with feelings.

4. See your doctor regularly and be honest about everything.

5. See your therapist weekly and be honest about everything.

Read 5 more>>> 

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