Are You Focusing On The Present Moment Or Are You All Up In Your Head? 1 Big Secret!

washing upDo you even know? Step one is awareness. Catch yourself…

Don’t try to solve the world’s problems or figure out your own. Sure, set time aside to think about these things but be sure to challenge irrational thoughts.

Here’s the big secret!



Link: Read more on emotional mind training, Happify…

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A Great Read For Anyone Struggling With Body Image Issues- 3 Facts About the Book





A new book released at and/or

A great read for anyone struggling with body image issues, as most of us are…


3 Facts About the Book:

  1. Learn to be aware of and challenge the critical voice in your head.

Click here to Read More About This Book  

To purchase this book visit:




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10 Things You Can Do To Feel Better. Guaranteed, Only If You Do Them!

Counseling for eating disorders, compulsive over-eating

Get Up & Get Out!

10 Things to Help You Feel Better

But you must do something every day or it won’t work.

1. Learn to meditate every day (meditation is individual, there are no rules)

2. Exercise (not overly). Yoga and walking are excellent especially for anxiety and depression. Start slow.

3. Eat for nutrition and pleasure within moderation and not to cope with feelings.

4. See your doctor regularly and be honest about everything.

5. See your therapist weekly and be honest about everything.

Read 5 more>>> 

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Are You Obsessing About Your Eating Disorder?

girl with an alarm clockIf you’re in your eating disorder then you’re probably obsessing about it most of the time. The problem with that is that it keeps you stuck. Stuck in that place and stuck with your identity being your eating disorder. You are so much more. Your ED head is just keeping in a state of fear so you feel ineffective.

What you need to do is push yourself even if the thoughts and feelings are not there yet. They will follow behind. Start focusing on other things like helping others, taking classes, making new friends, creating art or music, joining a group, getting a job, engaging in self-care.

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Why Is Physical Attractiveness So Important to Us? 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Body Image

Concerns about physical attractiveness are not new. Every period of history had standards of beauty. But, different advancements in technology, particularly the mass media causes normal concerns that lead to obsessions about how we look.

So much about what you think reflects on how you feel abut your body image.

What to do:

  1. Make a list of the things you like about your physical appearance. You may prefer to draw.
  2. Accept that you’re working with what you’ve got. Start telling yourself, “I’m good enough”. One day you’ll believe it.

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Is This You? Is It Time To Consider Therapy for Your Eating Disorder?

blog image change girl anna taylor FBThere are several common behaviors exhibited by a person who is struggling alone with an eating disorder and would most definitely benefit from eating disorder therapy.

1. Are you hiding your eating behaviors?

2. Are you isolating yourself feeling anxious and or depressed?

3. You can’t stop your disordered eating behaviors.


Contact Ilissa Banhazl, MFT for information on her eating disorder practice in Glendora


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Individual Counseling for Males, Females, Children, Teens & Young Adults- 2 Things to Talk About…

Tell me your story...

Tell me your story…

Do you ever think that if you just had someone to tell things to you might feel a lot better, more validated, less crazy & confused?

1. I’m talking about thoughts and feelings from your internal life; intimate thoughts that hold great meaning for you. Perhaps ones you’ve never shared with anyone before. 2. In therapy we untangle the story so that it makes sense and our thoughts are less distorted and more realistic. Together we figure out a plan to make things work better for you.

Read more reasons and benefits>>>

Read about the Value of Therapy 

To schedule an appointment call Ilissa Banhazl, MFT



Women's Eating Group Glendora, CA

Ask yourself why you haven’t made the call yet…


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